2019 Spring Fever

The daylight is getting later and the temps are slowly rising, we are seeing more sun then clouds and that is a very good thing these days. February was brutal to say the least. Several good dumps of snow and some very frigid temps. It is nice to be well over half way into March.

We brought Randi home from the dealership after her facelift in the midst of February. She sat in our side yard for about 3 weeks before we moved our things back into her. Sure is good to have her back home but yet we have another dilemma, spring fever. Looking at her each day just gets us more and more anxious for that first trip, which is going to be in late May. Not to long but to long.

Another change of plans, we are heading to Indigo Bluffs in May instead of Aune Osborn, we are hoping staying further south will give us better weather. I am afraid that if we head into Upper Michigan even in May there is a chance of cold temps and maybe even some white stuff. We just want to have sunshine and a bit warmer temps.