All The Things

As we get closer to getting things ready to leave on our first camping trip, I start thinking about food prep, I like making – cooking things at home that we can dig into while camping, like casseroles, breakfast burritos, waffles, salads etc..

Let’s face it, you go camping to relax, not spend all sorts of time cooking, cleaning etc. I like foods that are easy to warm up or grab and go. I even go as far as compiling a list of foods I want to make at home and also make a grocery list just for those things. I actually enjoy doing all the food prep because that means we are close to leaving on our trip. The hubby makes sure the frig and freezer in the camper are up and going at least 4 days ahead so as I prepare food I can take it out and stick it in the frig. The craziest part, its exciting to get set up at camp and open the frig and see all that food already done!

Normally on the day that we arrive at the campground, our tradition has always been to go out to dinner that first night. We like to kick off our vacation by enjoying good local food and relaxing the rest of the evening.

It’s all the small things that makes each trip unique and enjoyable.

Camp On Friends!!