Camping Season 2022

I sit here on March 11th looking out the window at a fresh coating of that “white” stuff, and more falling. Makes me that much more anxious to go camping!!

Our first trip of this season is heading back to our all time favorite place, Aune Osborn in Sault St. Marie, Michigan. We have a paid for site right on the river’s edge where we can sit in our front room or out in front of the camper and watch the big ships go by, something we absolutely love doing!! And with assistance from an app on our phones (Marine Traffic) we can even find out all sorts of information about each ship we see! Makes for some fun days.

View from our tour boat of the soo locks.

As for our second and later trip this year that we normally take in the middle of August, we are not sure if we will be going anyplace or just staying home and finishing up some of our outdoor projects that we didn’t get done last year. Either way, our vacation will be exactly what we want it to be 🙂

I have a tip, something that we have never had happen before and we didn’t do anything different in years past. If you have one of those “inline” blue tube water filters that you put in place when hooking up to city water, you might want to take it into the house during the winter, something we have NEVER done and this year, yup, it split open spilling charcoal all over the basement of our 5th wheel, nothing a good vacuum won’t take care of, it just surprised us is all, we have never taken it into the house and this winter wasn’t as cold as some of the previous ones. It was so strange.