Christmas Season 2023

Christmas is fast approaching and I am anxious for it. We had a rough ending to summer, a ho hum fall and after our Vegas trip I needed to get into a new mindset and Thanksgiving was the kickoff for me. Over the next couple weeks I will transform our home into a Christmas wonderland.  I LOVE doing holiday baking!! I make way to much for just Bruce and I so I shall be sharing for sure.

For the last 30 years that I have been married to Bruce we carry on a family tradition every year, Christmas eve at grandma’s house complete with a nice spread of food. Then we do some unorthodox things, we hit up the local convenience store and purchase a plethora of scratch off lottery tickets, we cruise around looking at Christmas lights then back home to finish the evening either eating or watching TV or both. I then put together a “Christmas morning breakfast” that either has to cook overnight or cooks fast in the morning. Most years I purchase some sweets from a local baker or bakery for Christmas Day. 

Like most people these days, I get load of cooking ideas from the good ole’ internet. If I find something that gets me excited I shall make that for Christmas morning breakfast. Last year it was crock-pot cinnamon rolls. They are over the top ooey and gooey, perfect with fresh coffee! I also have a “go to” recipe for surprise blueberry french toast casserole that I fell head over heals in love with a few years ago when our friends invited us for breakfast one morning when we were camping. I have tried my hand at changing it up with either peaches or apples but honestly, blueberries are best.

Whatever I end up making we will have an absolutely wonderful Christmas morning!!

I know the Christmas season can be a difficult time for lots of folks. I have experienced that as well. Just know “this too shall pass”, surround yourself with friends and loved ones and live in the moment the best you can!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2024!!