2019 First Trip

16 days till we head to Empire, Michigan. This can not come soon enough for either of us.

Our April has been rough to say the least, on top of having repairs done to both our house and my car due to the hail storm in March, we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Remington. Today marks the one week since and I still am struggling at times. He was by my side constantly and I miss him dearly.

We have purchased a few goodies for Randi this month, TPS and a pipe to mount underneath to store our black tank hose in, we also FINALLY purchased a keyless entry system that I am beyond excited to get installed, we have been wanting to do this since the first week of having our 5th wheel. I also purchased a few “beautifying” items for the inside, color coordinated items since purple is our chosen color, pillows, throw blanket, tea pot and a set of 3 pictures with purple flowers. I can’t wait to jazz the place up a bit.

I shall post again either during or after our trip to Indigo Bluffs in a couple weeks.

Happy Camping!!