Life Events 2023

We are 1 day away from September and as I sit here on this rather chilly morning I am thinking about how fast this year has gone. We did absolutely no camping this year in preparation for our big trip to Las Vegas in a couple weeks.  Our 5th wheel is still sitting on its pad in the side yard, we didn’t even un-winterize it this year so basically no prep going into this winter.

It will be a MUCH needed break that we both desperately need. The last couple months have been a whirlwind to say the least. I am looking forward to brighter days ahead.

We did some small projects around the house this year, expanded our chicken run and put the finishing touches on our back deck that we have been putting off for a couple years.  We are also fine tuning our “smoking” skills with the new grill/smoker that our son got his dad for fathers day.

We were over-run with cucumbers this year so I made 2 batches of dill pickles, a batch of dill relish, a couple cucumber salads, ate a bunch and gave a bunch away. I am ready for it to be over!!!

We have some really good friends that we are going to organize a camping trip with for next year, they have never been to Aunne Osborn in the Soo and that is at the top of our list for our favorite camping trips.  I greatly look forward to that.

I don’t see a previous post announcing the new addition to our family this year. We got another great dane, Duke’s brother, Wick. You can check out all about Wick and Duke by clicking HERE.

We have not yet taken Wick on a camping trip so we will have to do some adapting prior to doing that. I am sure that Wick will enjoy it just as much as Duke does. We just need to work on his leash manners.

I will post another update when we get back from vacation around the beginning of October.

Camp On My Friends!