May 2019 Empire, Michigan

What a difference a year (and a week) makes, last year when we were here we had to run the furnace every night of our stay, this year we have only ran it once and only because it was cool and rainy all day and the camper got pretty cold.

We have had just perfect weather, cool at night for sleeping and 65-75 during the day with plenty of sunshine!!

Our only snafu this trip is our observation camera stopped working so we thought we needed to install and longer antenna (thanks to amazon prime 2 day shipping) after the antenna install the camera still didn’t work at all, the hubby being the handyman that he is tore the entire thing apart to discover we had a broken wire to the antenna, as I type this he is in the midst of fixing it, fingers crossed it works.

Today is our last day in Empire, we head home tomorrow morning, I am at 50-50 with my feelings on this, its been so nice here and our stay so enjoyable that I hate to see it come to an end BUT on the same hand I do miss home, our other dog and our son Aaron. Same feelings every trip so it eventually becomes the norm.

We really didn’t do any adventures on this trip unless you count a trip or two to Traverse City where we did some shopping and signed up for a Costco membership. Other then that, just good eats, great company and TONS of relaxation!!!

Until our next trip (end of June to St. Ignace, Michigan for the annual car show. Happy Camping!