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Meet The Bailey's

Kim -

Bruce -

Kim enjoys her job at a local radio station as the operation manager, she is anxiously awaiting those retirement years.

In her downtime at home she enjoys spending time with her great dane Duke and her chickens.

Some of her favorite things are drinking coffee, binging shows on various streaming services and trying out new recipes.

Fun Fact – Kim grew up in Upper Michigan and enjoyed many trips out in the woods with her father who was an avid outdoorsman. 


Bruce enjoys his job as a driver for a local chain grocery story. He is also anxiously looking forward to retirement.

In his downtime at home Bruce enjoys tinkering with different projects around the house or working on his “honey-do” list.

Some of his favorite things are drinking ice tea, surfing YouTube and catching a nap on occasion.

Fun Fact – Bruce is a HUGE fan of doing puzzles, the more pieces the better. He has completed multiple 3D puzzles as well.

Our Great Dane Duke has his very own page here on our site. If you’d like to read all about Duke, click here!