Post Las Vegas

Have I ever mentioned that I hate (HATE) flying? Well now I have, we had some absolutely breathtaking views from the air and for the most part it was smooth going. The turbulence is what gets me and I was terrified of it! Check out all our pictures HERE.

Ok so not the best way to start a post about or Vegas Vacation but I had to go there as a reminder to myself to NEVER fly again! If I can’t get there by car or boat, I am NOT going.

In Vegas we had a great time, crammed a lot of things into the 7 days we were there. Day 1 ended with us having put in almost 8 miles of walking, to which I decided I’d rather not do for the rest of the week.

We became pros at ordering Lyfts and Ubers and yes it was a bit pricey but well worth it.

Our room at Trump International was nothing short of spectacular, it was like an apartment, lots of cupboard space and closets,a kitchenette complete with a Keurig and Kcups, a sitting area where I started and ended each day by watching the Sphere because we had a fabulous view of it.  Most our breakfasts were eaten in the hotel restaurant which was also top notch.

I would safely say at our age, a week in Las Vegas is too much, unless you are a HUGE gambler which we are not.  Being our second time to Las Vegas I am going to say, I am almost certain it will be our last.

Las Vegas is not only about gambling and show, it is surrounded by stunning views, we rented a car (Tesla) and took a couple drives, one thru Red Rock Canyon and then another to the Hoover Dam. Did a tad bit of shopping and stopped in Boulder City for lunch.  Very enjoyable day getting away from the hustle and bustle of Vegas.

We enjoyed some spectacular meals, ate at Hell’s Kitchen and did a Lip Smacking Foodie Tour, both of which we HIGHLY recommend!! Surprisingly most of our regular meals we ate at the food court across the street at the Fashion Show Mall. Lots of options and I found some good dessert to take back to our room. Our last dinner in Las Vegas was at Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace. It was a place we had on our “must do” and it did not disappoint. Pricey yes but I planned on that. It was a family meal and we sprang for it.

We did lots of relaxing, enjoying more then likely, the last warm weather we will have until next spring.

All in all we did enjoy our vacation to Las Vegas, we have decided that we really did miss going camping all year. Won’t make that mistake again!! We have been back home for 3 weeks now and I am already looking forward to the next vacation. Not to mention how much I missed our dogs. A week away from them was horrible. Yes I enjoyed not having to let them in and out every 30 minutes, watching them for an hour after they ate and making sure they did their “business” before going to bed. But being back and doing that again makes me smile.

Camp On Friends!