Pre Last Trip Of This Season

We are heading someplace new this August,

Sleepy Hollow State Park

We don’t normally go to state parks because of the size of our rig, this might be something that needs to change because if you browse thru the pictures of the various parks, I think we wouldn’t have any problem finding a spot 😉 

This trip is a short one, 5 days and a short trip as well, only about a 45 minute drive from our house, I think we will be thinking “why haven’t we came here before” the pictures are fabulous and Bruce is looking forward to doing some fishing 😉 

I have greatly enjoyed spending as much time as possible outside this summer when the weather permitted it. So this trip I shall be doing more of that. Hoping for good weather of course but we just enjoy the whole camping thing even if it means spending some times indoors.

Various Sleepy Hollow Pictures