Randi (our 5th wheel)

Yes we named our 5th wheel Randi, this name was chosen by both of us because “Randi” is Native American for “wolf” “protector”. Bruce has a Native American heritage and we both have a love for wolves so this name was so appropriate.

The week after we brought Randi home we decided that even though we weren’t going to be hauling her anywhere soon that we wanted to spend the night in it. SO with it parked in our backyard we did just that.

If you aren’t aware of Michigan weather, lets just say we could experience winter and summer both in the same day. Under normal circumstances I would be mowing our lawn by the second week in April. That was the farthest from the case this year, in fact, I just mowed for the first time this season, last night.

The night we stayed in Randi it got down to 18 degrees overnight, we didn’t notice at all. We stayed toasty warm with the furnace running. We took everything we needed to prepare a wonderful dinner. We called it our “staycation”

Our maiden voyage away from home will be next Thursday and we are both very excited!! We are headed to a little town northwest of us about 4 hours called Empire, Michigan, directly due west of Traverse City, Michigan.  I shall be posting news and pictures at that time so stay tuned…..