Summer, Don’t leave us yet!

I am having a hard time believing that we are fast approaching the end of summer, like where has time gone? We have managed to enjoy the outdoors as much as we could with the heat and the mosquitos. I for one am ready for a bit cooler temps without pesky insects. Perhaps it’s because we both work fulltime plus and the days just fly by.

We did go camping to our favorite place, Indigo Bluffs back at the end of May, just us and Duke, was a nice peaceful getaway that we very badly needed. Along with relaxing, we replaced our big TV with a smart TV so we wouldn’t need extra “things” hooked to the tv to be able to stream our shows. I must say we are both tickled pink with the upgrade and are looking forward to enjoying it more next month.

Next month (August 27th) we are heading to a new to us, campground just north of Alpena Michigan called Campers Cove, looking forward to having our 2 sites on the “island” in full view of the lake. The date can’t come soon enough.

Since I last wrote, our son moved out (beginning of May) and we have been in cleaning mode every since, it was shocking to me how much “stuff” we accumulated over the past 20+ years. I am fairly certain that our trash guy is happy we are finally done. We are so happy with how it went and how clean and tidy everything looks now, not to mention the room we gained, hopefully we won’t fill it back up with more “stuff” that will sit for the next 20+ years. We are slowly getting prepared for that day that we can hit the road as more fulltime RV people.

Last night we took a little road trip down to St. Joseph Michigan to meet up with some “celebrity” fulltime RV’ers that have a channel on YouTube called “Watts on Wheels” we have followed their channel for a couple years now and it was exciting to meet them and share a meal together!!! Can’t wait to cross paths with them again in the future!

I will post more next month after our new adventure to Alpena!

Happy Camping!

Dave and Karen Watts