Turkeyville, short but sweet.

Heading down to Turkeyville campground for a couple days this week, 17 short miles from home. Just a quick getaway to satisfy our camping cravings. This will also tie us over until we head to Sault Ste. Marie next month for a glorious 8 days along side the St. Mary river in a campground called Aune Osbourne, we are extremely excited for that trip and each of us have installed the app called Marine Traffic on our phones so we can see information on all the ships we will be seeing coming and going from the locks. We are hoping to squeeze in a final trip someplace in October before putting Randi to bed for the winter.

Our tentative plans for next year include a 9 day stay in my hometown of Munising for the 4th of July, I have been to a lot of different towns and cities for the 4th of July in the 33 years since leaving Munising and have yet to find one that celebrates quite like they do.

We are also going to try to plan a trip south someplace, not sure where yet or not sure it will even be south yet LOL We might just go east. Hershey PA perhaps 😉